Bankruptcy Workouts and Creditors Rights

Bankruptcy is a remedy provided by federal law that eliminates or reduces unmanageable debts. We can assist clients file for Bankruptcy under either chapters 7 and 13 of the Bankruptcy code. Our team of experienced lawyers and legal staff will work for you to obtain the best rights, remedies and benefits available under New York law and the United States Bankruptcy Code. Our knowledge of current knowledge of Bankruptcy law enables us to provide our clients with a chance to get successful debt relief, relief the courts can approve and that creditors must accept.

Madu, Edozie & Madu represents clients on all sides of corporate reorganizations, restructurings, workouts, liquidations, foreclosures, and bankruptcies. This includes debtors, secured and unsecured lenders, lessors, and committees of unsecured creditors and equity holders.

We represent clients who initially hire us for bankruptcy matters, as well as regular firm clients who are, developers, landlords or institutional lenders, in secured and unsecured financing, real estate lending, floor plan financing, venture capital lending, and leveraged buyout financing.

Copyrights and Mask Works

Madu, Edozie and Madu's intellectual property group has worked extensively in the copyright area and especially in connection with the use of copyrights to protect computer software, audiovisual works, sculptural works, performance works, and works fixed in print media, and registration of such copyrights.

Obtaining Copyrights: Our firm has worked with a wide variety of clients to obtain copyright registrations. We have assisted clients in obtaining copyright restrictions for various aspects of computer software without disclosing or impairing the value of important trade secrets in the software.

Copyright Litigation: We have handled various copyright infringement actions on behalf of copyright registration owners and have defended against infringement claims.

Exploiting Copyrights: Our attorneys regularly work with clients in negotiations which involve copyright licenses. We able to cause the Customs Service to identify and intercept goods being imported into the United States which might infringe our clients' copyrights.

Mask Works: The intellectual property group is capable of preparing semiconductor mask work registrations for clients.

Intellectual Property

Madu, Edozie and Madu regularly works on a full range of intellectual property issues and problems for its domestic and international clients.

Trade Secrets

Madu, Edozie and Madu's intellectual property group has extensive experience in working with clients to protect trade secrets and in litigating trade secret cases.

Protecting Trade Secrets: Our IP attorneys counsel clients concerning measures and programs to protect confidential information. We also assist with design and implementation of intellectual property audits which include identification of trade secrets.

Trade Secret Litigation: Our IP attorneys have experience in prosecuting trade secret cases against companies and individuals who have misappropriated our clients' trade secrets. We also have assisted clients accused of misappropriation of others' alleged secrets.

Licensing Trade Secrets and Know-How: Our IP attorneys have experience in negotiating and developing domestic and foreign licenses of technology as well as tech transfer agreements.


Madu, Edozie and Madu handles all aspects of trademark law and has extensive experience in trademark prosecution, litigation and licensing.

Obtaining Trademark Registrations: Our intellectual property group assists clients in obtaining and maintaining registered trademarks, including conducting all necessary trademark searches, filing applications, preparing and filing necessary affidavits and renewal applications, defending opposition proceedings and handling other matters that may arise before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and international trademark offices.

Trademark Litigation: We have expertise in trademark, service mark, trade name and trade dress litigation in the U.S. Federal Courts and work closely with associates in other countries in foreign trademark litigation.

Selecting Trademarks: Our firm works with its clients to select and clear word marks and logos, obtaining searches of registrations and common law usage related to prospective marks, and advising as to likelihood of registrability and likelihood of objection by third parties.

Exploiting Trademarks: Our intellectual property attorneys are experienced in working with clients to exploit trademarks, especially through drafting and negotiating trademark licenses and related marketing agreements.

Unfair Competition

Madu, Edozie and Madu has substantial experience with unfair competition litigation, Common Law Unfair Competition, and Lanham Act Section 43(a). Our firm has engaged in litigation and has provided pre-litigation preventative and enforcement advice with respect to common law unfair competition and statutory unfair competition (Section 43[a] of the Lanham Act) proceedings before the International Trade Commission. Our IP attorneys have advised with respect to disputes under Section 337 of the Tariff Act, which enables United States industries to obtain relief from "unfair acts" in importation. These "unfair acts" can involve patent, trademark and copyright infringement, misappropriation of trade secrets, antitrust violations and unfair competition claims, and we also advise as to alternative remedies in the U.S. Courts, State Statutory Unfair Competition, False Advertising, and related matters. Madu, Edozie and Madu has a national litigation practice which has resulted in a familiarity with the various state's unfair competition laws

Valuation of Intellectual Property

Madu, Edozie and Madu is in a position to provide clients with advice on the value of their own intellectual property and advise on the value of intellectual property of competitors, prospective business partners, joint venturers, and acquisition targets.


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